Choose to Move is a 6-month, evidence-based personal planning and support program to promote greater physical activity among *older adults (65+) who are not regularly active. Working with a trained activity coach, participants develop a personalized physical activity action plan customized to each person’s needs, interests, goals, resources and abilities. Participants also receive on-going support through:

  • Motivational Group Meetings– Participants receive encouragement and instruction during four in-person, educational sessions with other Choose to Move participants and an activity coach. Topics introduced range from lifestyle choices and 'active travel,' to how to stick with the “physical activity action plan.”

  • One-on-One Consultations- Participants receive one-on-one consultations with their activity coach. Together they develop a personalized physical activity action plan that outlines enjoyable ways to increase physical activity and active travel.

  • Check-ins – Activity coaches check-in regularly with their participants to discuss how they are doing with their action plan and to address any challenges they may be experiencing.

The beauty of Choose to Move is that participants can choose any physical activity that they enjoy and fits into a schedule that works for them. For example, one might choose programs offered at a facility such as ActivAge™,  use rec centre amenities to swim or lift weights, or choose to do activities nearer to home such as walking, gardening or hiking. The choices are endless!

*Participants at YMCA Choose to Move must also be living with a chronic condition.

Choose to Move Programs 

Choose to Move is currently offered by the BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA)-affiliated recreation centres and YMCA. 

BCRPA Eligibilty Criteria


YMCA Eligibility Criteria

To participate in BCRPA Choose to Move participants must be:

  • 65 years or older
  • Physically inactive (currently engaging in less than 150 minutes of physical activity per week)    

To participate in Choose to Move at the YMCA participants must be:

  • 65-years or older
  • Physically inactive
  • Living with one or more chronic condition
  • Cleared for exercise (PAR-Q+ and/or by Family Physician)
  • New to the YMCA

BCRPA Choose to Move Cycles

YMCA Choose to Move Cycles

Cycle 1: January 2016 to June 2016
Cycle 2:  April 2016 to September 2016
Cycle 3: September 2016 to February 2017 


Cycle 1:  March to August 2016
Cycle 2:  May to October 2016
Cycle 3:  July to December 2016
Cycle 4:  September to February 2017
Cycle 5:  January to June 2017  

BCRPA Choose to Move Locations

YMCA Choose to Move Locations

For locations of current Choose to Move programs click here. 


   Between March 2016 and April 2017, three YMCA facilities 
will be participating in this initial delivery 
of Choose to Move:
  • Chilliwack Family YMCA, Chilliwack
  • Tong Louie Family YMCA, Surrey
  • Robert Lee YMCA, Vancouver
For more information click here.    

More Information

More Information

Participants may also enroll in ActivAge™. ActivAge™ is offered at participating recreation centres across BC.     


Choose to Move is evidence-based. What that means is that it effectively increased physical activity and improved health of older adults in communities in the southwestern United States. But we want to ensure that Choose to Move can work in BC! Therefore the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility is evaluating how best to adapt Choose to Move to meet the needs and lifestyles of older adults who live in BC. Ultimately, our aim is to encourage older British Columbians to Choose to Move down the path to continued independence, better health and quality of life.  To learn more click here.